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An Inspiring Visit to the Animal Recovery Mission Sanctuary
I am so touched moved and inspired that would like to share my incredible experience of visiting Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) Sanctuary. My husband Bruce, son Jaden and I drove to the undisclosed location of sanctuary for all the animals that have been rescued by ARM. These animals suffered in extremely abusive situations such as illegal slaughter houses in Miami. Upon arrival at the sanctuary we were greeted by the friendly staff. We joined Melanie, Kevin & Taylor for the rounds of feeding the animals. The high level of cleanliness and organization of the animal barns and pens was impressive

I was amazed at how many beautiful varieties of colors, horns and of course fabulous Goat-Tees there were. They even had a few full grown miniature goats that were smaller than our German Shepard. The staff shared their stories with us of how the goats were rescued from being sold for animal sacrifice. When purchased, the goats are tied up and stuffed in a bag alive. The lives of these animals are now changed forever living the life on the ARM sanctuary with very full bellies, freedom and safety. I was particularly thrilled when we got to cuddle with the little baby goats. We were so touched and amazed that every single animal has a name and the staff knows all 300 animals by name! On top of that, they knew the rescue story behind each and every animal we met and where they came from.

Taylor the director of operations and fundraising each day goes around personally gives every animal a special treat with hugs and kisses goodnight. The passion and love that Taylor, Kudo and the entire staff have for these animals is heart warming to say the least. We brought with us some carrots to feed the magnificent horses. One of the horses was rescued from a race track in Miami (when they closed) before it was sold for horse meat. They shared shocking stories with us about the undercover investigations ARM conducts at the horse slaughter farms in Miami. It was heart breaking to learn how they are violently killed to sell for horse meat for food in our local community.

Pixie and Bailey

Pixie and Bailey – photo by Tracey Hagen

We also brought corn to feed the 400 pound pigs and the donkeys loved it too. The pigs are enormous and make lots of yucky noises but they are still cute. They were rescued from illegal slaughter houses where others were not so lucky and were boiled alive to sell for food. My favorite was a pig named Babe who knows how to sit like a dog for a treat.


Babe – photo by Tracey Hagen

Kudo the founder of Animal Recovery Mission shared that most people are unaware what happens to the pigs purchased for Christmas dinner. While they sip champagne waiting in line at local places in Miami behind the tarp in the driveway the pigs are being killed inhumanely by being stabbed in the back and skinned alive.

Undercover Investigations for Animals
I had no idea of the amount of horrific animal cruelty for religious culture of Santeria and Voodoo for sacrifices as well as for food. When ARM has gone undercover they found dogs nailed to a post alive to hang for a week and inhumanely killing animals including cats for food. Yes, this is happening in our own backyard of Miami.


Tommy the cat protecting the food supply – photo by Tracey Hagen

My favorite part of visiting the sanctuary was feeding the cows. They have every color and size grazing in the field. We had the opportunity to ride with Chris to feed them. The cows chased our buggy for the food. It was like being in a safari stampede, so exciting! Some of these cows like Zorro were about 700 pounds! Yes, all the animals on the farm are well fed and nurtured back to health from the horrible conditions and health they are found in. Every cow has a name, I even got to meet a cow named Tracey, she was my favorite, of course.


Zorro – photo by Tracey Hagen

We enjoyed an amazing vegan barbecue with Kudo and met his rescued dogs. The largest dog Kona was rescued from a dog fighting ring that he personally raided and grabbed first to make sure he got to safety. He is the sweetest, most gentle and loving pitbull that thinks he is a lap dog. My family and I are so grateful to have had the experience of visiting Animal Recovery Mission Sanctuary. It was an honor to have listened to these stories of real life undercover rescue of animals and be in the loving presence of the animals, Kudo, Taylor and the staff.

I know it’s hard to hear the gruesome details but I want to raise awareness about the animal cruelty going on in our community and the importance of supporting Animal Recovery Mission. Not only does ARM take care of the rescued animals, they are instrumental in shutting these illegal places down and sending the bad hombres to jail.

ARM Event CouponI am honored to participate on the host committee for a fundraiser event and silent auction benefiting Animal Recovery Mission:
A Day of Consciousness will bring together Miami’s premier brands and restaurants for an array of interactive festivities including live music, distinguished speakers, yoga, local boutiques and a silent auction in contribution to ARM.

WHEN: Saturday, April 22, 12 – 5pm
WHERE: Eighty Seven Park 8701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33154

TICKETS: $0 – $100 use promo code SAVEANIMALS at the checkout for $50 discount BUY ONLINE

Burn Notice Star Gabrielle Anwar

Burn Notice Star Gabrielle Anwar

General admission ticket allows attendees to enjoy an array of festivities including live music by Ana Nikolic, notable speakers including ARM’s Founder/CEO, two 1-hour yoga sessions at 2pm & 4pm, interactive fitness activities, shopping, delicious lite bites, drinks, silent auction, special celebrity guest Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice and more! CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE EVENT DETAILS

We hope you can join us to enjoy great music, food and people for an incredible cause. Please share the invite on social media with Friends and Family.

Please help support this amazing cause. If you are unable to attend the event, you can visit the website for more information: ARM website  |  ARM Video



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