Millennials and Home Buying

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Millennials and Home Buying

When the term Millennials comes up in conversation seldom does it focus on the prospect of home buying. Most of us assume it is out of reach and not of interest for those born those born from 1981 to 1997. As I found out that could be further from the truth. upon reading Kamran Rosen’s article on

These 2 excerpts from the article stood out to me:

“Our research showed that a majority of millennials would prefer owning to renting, but they appear to be postponing homeownership because of real and perceived difficulties in affording it. In fact, our analysis found that millennials, those born from 1981 to 1997, look upon owning a home just as favorably as previous generations.”
Kamran Rosen – Author at NerdWallet

“Many millennials believe they are unable to afford homes, when really many of them are unaware of the different financing options that exist.”
Chris Ling – Mortgage Manager at NerdWallet

Check out the full article here: read more

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